Real Time Quality Assurance Infusion


A major software product release date is only weeks away and is in jeopardy of being missed. The project team realizes that catching up using only internal resources is virtually impossible, and upon entering the project test phase, discovers they lack the lab resources or test tools to complete testing.

To meet the impending release date with an acceptable software quality level, the project team needs additional personnel, lab resources and test tools.



Shasta QA immediately infuses the personnel, proven methodologies and tools to meet the impending release date while meeting software quality goals. Shasta QA shares the development team’s urgency and focuses its efforts on the highest risk software components while providing visibility of test coverage and previously undetected areas where software quality risks may exist.



Testing Strategy And Action Plan

Shasta QA and the client quickly develop a testing strategy and an action plan. Together, they prioritize the highest risk software components for testing and identify test blockers that could impede progress. Project milestones, progress metrics, resource requirements and clear lines of responsibility are defined.

Testing Services

Shasta QA adds horsepower to the client’s QA team. Shasta QA provides the personnel, methodologies, lab resources and test tools to meet the release date while achieving the development team’s software quality objectives.

After Action Analysis

Shasta QA leads analysis of the client’s software development process, project management, and quality assurance methodologies to identify root causes of software quality issues and development schedule delays.



Shasta QA always combines open communication with proven methodologies to deliver proven results for each project.

By Minimizing Ramp Time, Shasta QA:

  • Reduces the learning curve

  • Delivers immediate, tangible progress toward the development team’s objectives

  • Increases QA team productivity by identifying blockers early, understanding test coverage and focusing test efforts on the highest risk components first

By Defining A Testing Strategy And An Action Plan, The Development Team:

  • Immediately identifies and resolves test blockers before they impede progress

  • Focuses QA efforts on components that could cause problems for customers and prioritizes other components for future testing

  • Sets software quality goals that must be achieved to release the software

By Utilizing Shasta QA Testing Services To Execute The Action Plan, The Development Team:

  • Completes as much high-value testing as the project timeline and budget allow

  • Immediately identifies issues, providing the development team with more time for fixes

  • Meets software quality objectives on schedule and on budget

By Completing An After Action Analysis, The Development Team:

  • Streamlines the software development process, speeding time to market

  • Increases software development team productivity

  • Implements proven QA methodologies and cross-functional metrics to continuously improve software quality

Our company has worked with Shasta QA for only a few months, but in that short time they have become an integral part of our software and content development and release process. They have quickly mastered our content production processes, and most importantly, their hands-on test engineers have shown excellent flexibility and communication skills. I am happy to recommend Shasta QA to others.

David C. - Engineering Manager
Digital Content Distribution Company

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