Needs Analysis

Shasta QA meets with you to better understand your goals and challenges then develops a team alliance that transforms traditional outsourcing from compulsory need to a valuable competitive advantage.


The first step towards your successful Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a quick introductory phone call with Shasta QA. This call allows us to introduce ourselves, and it helps us better understand your goals and challenges. It also gives each of us a chance to discuss who we are and how we operate, which lays the framework for a solid working relationship. When possible, we like to perform an on-site engagement workshop after our introductory call.


The spirit of the engagement workshop is to perform an open assessment of engineering processes, document existing QA processes, and provide recommendations. Because of our strategic locations in Northern California and the Midwest, in most cases we can easily visit you on-site to optimize the productivity of the workshop. This workshop is a chance for us to bring to the table the challenges you've faced in your current software design life-cycle. These meetings work to solidify company-to-company contacts and help us better understand your processes and objectives.

As part of the workshop, we will contrast your current process to our documented software quality assurance methodologies. We will then provide a Process Maturity Table that outlines a range of adoption recommendations and a road-map to enhance your process over time.