QA Team Revitalization


A software company struggling to overcome poor customer satisfaction, low QA team morale, and degrading cross-functional communication and teamwork must revitalize its QA team.

The company’s lack of visibility of test coverage is causing numerous post-release quality issues, an increase in tech support calls, and several unanticipated maintenance projects. This is consuming development team resources and bogging down new software development schedules. As a result, confidence in the QA team is waning and is limiting the leader’s ability to recover momentum and morale. The QA leader is under immense pressure from executive management to improve quality immediately in order to retain unhappy customers, but lacks time, resources and know-how to succeed while meeting the demands of an accelerated development cycle.


Shasta QA provides the leadership, proven methodologies, and outsourced testing services required to immediately improve quality, bring new software projects back on schedule, and reinvigorate the QA team.


Testing Strategy And Action Plan

Shasta QA and the client develop software testing strategies, action plans, progress metrics and resource requirements. Together, they prioritize the highest risk.

Testing Services

Shasta QA becomes an extension of the client’s QA team and boosts productivity by augmenting existing testing resources.

Quality Improvement Plan

Shasta QA leads analysis of client’s software development processes, project management and software quality assurance methodologies to identify the root causes of software quality issues and creates a detailed quality improvement plan.


Shasta QA always combines open communication with proven methodologies to deliver proven results for each project.

By Defining A Testing Strategy And An Action Plan, The QA Team:

  • Resolves immediate quality issues that are causing the customer’s problem

  • Identifies other potential issues before they manifest

  • Increases QA team productivity by identifying blockers early, understanding test coverage and focusing test efforts on the highest risk components first

By Utilizing Shasta QA Testing Services To Execute The Action Plan, The QA Team:

  • Achieves quick success to boost morale

  • Obtains immediate visibility of software quality

  • Relieves the client’s development team of its role as “part-time” QA

  • Enables the development team to rapidly fix bugs and meet software release schedules

By Developing A Quality Improvement Plan And Sharing It With Customers And Executive Management, The QA Team:

  • Retains customers and demonstrates long-term commitment to quality improvement

  • Implements proven software quality assurance methodologies and cross-functional metrics to continuously improve quality

  • Streamlines the software development process

  • Increases QA and development productivity

  • Breaks down “silos” impeding cross-functional communication and teamwork

  • Rebuilds credibility with customers, colleagues and executive management

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