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Venture Capitalists

Silicon Valley experience without the Silicon Valley price.

Shasta QA understands that a savvy venture capital firm needs reliable intelligence to make wise investment decisions, to safeguard investments, and achieve maximum return on those investments. OurSourcing® gives your investment a competitive advantage by mitigating risks at a reasonable cost while enhancing the overall development cycle maturity. We Accelerate time to market by implementing best practices and streamlining the software development process.

We help you ENTER  >>  EXECUTE  >>  EXIT  investment opportunities to maximize your success!

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What You Can Expect


  • Shasta QA's OurSourcing® provides a competitive advantage to your investment by mitigating risks at a reasonable cost.

  • Shasta QA allows you to leverage 15 years of experience with over 100 clients, across a variety of industries including financial, e-commerce, media, social networking, document management, data analytics, and medical device testing.

  • Shasta QA utilizes our proven methodologies along with industry-leading tools to ensure your investment reaches a mature business and execution strategy as fast as possible, which ensures your investment goals are met.


  • Our shared business norms allow Shasta QA to become an extension of your team, working to improve product development processes and overall product quality from start to finish, working toward increased product adoption.

  • American based resources in the same time zone promote open, honest, and efficient communication that delivers results.

  • Our methodologies work within your time and budget constraints by providing a framework to successfully manage the entire software development lifecycle.


  • We accelerate time to market by streamlining your software development process.

  • Shasta QA uniquely incorporates its knowledge, skills, processes, and proven methodologies to your business model goals.

  • We know that project slip means a full downstream slip throughout the entire company. Our methodologies enable your investment to reach “Code Complete” as quickly as possible while providing an enhanced level of accountability and predictability.


I like dealing with Shasta QA because they shoot you straight. I have dealt with a lot of overseas outsourcing companies that promise everything I ask for, but then can’t deliver, and that has never been the case with Shasta QA.
— - Jeff S., Quality Manager, Fortune 500 Personal Financial Software Firm

Shasta QA Becomes an "Extension of Your Team"

Just as you believe in investing in high-quality companies, we believe in investing high-quality people who take ownership in your projects. We foster a culture of collaborative innovation, which drives your investment’s project to completion more rapidly.

Solid Foundation

  • “Hot Start” your investment by infusing Shasta QA’sproven methodologies to ensure your investment goals are met.

  • Making Shasta QA part of your team results in immediate seasoned processes and industry maturity, reducing your spend towards industry education, and reducing the time to onboard new team members onto your project.

  • Shasta QA brings accountability, visibility, and measured progress to your team resulting in better software, enhanced customer satisfaction, accelerated time to market, and reduced costs.

Common Ground

  • Offshore outsourcing can’t match our U.S. based team’s shared time zones, common culture, and business norms.

  • Shasta QA’s onshore staff possess the knowledge, skills, and experience that enhance your team, and ensures your investment goals stay on track.

  • Shasta QA fosters a culture of collaborative innovation which removes barriers between internal external resources, allowing our QA engineers to work in unison with your team to achieve a common goal.

Shared Goals

  • Shasta QA has helped many companies reach these goals, and we take pride in helping get our client’s get to their successful exit event

  • Shasta QA’s experienced team and proven methodologies help you build a successful portfolio history, and something to be proud of.

  • Our dedicated team of proactive, collaborative QA engineers transcend beyond simple "bug hunting" to make significant contributions toward your exit strategy goals.

Stay On Schedule

  • Time to Market: if your project slips beyond the target release date, it has a ripple effect that costs the entire company, including the investors.

  • Shasta QA goes beyond just software testing to ensure that your investment reaches a mature business and execution strategy as fast as possible.

  • Because Shasta QA shares our client’s business norms, culture, time zone, and understands their business model, the communication cycle is expedited and productivity is optimized.

Return on Investment

  • Our methodologies provide an enhanced level of accountability and predictability to the development effort, ensuring your revenue forecast is never jeopardized.

  • With Shasta QA as a part of your team, you have peace of mind that your investments are reaching their maximum potential.

  • OurSourcing® with Shasta QA is your solution to accelerate time to market, mitigate risk, and generate maximum ROI on your “EXIT”.





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