Project Execution

Before the planning phase is fully complete, we begin the execution phase. Execution is not limited to actual execution of test cases in their respective test lists and test suites, but also includes proper reporting practices that monitor and track the progress of your project. This information provides the data necessary for you to make real-time decisions regarding the application development.

Project execution meeting


Our test execution process includes delivery of following reports:

  • Bug Reports

  • Bug Metrics

  • Bug Age Milestones

  • Test Cycle Results

  • Weekly Status Reports

  • Daily Time Entries Logged by Testers

  • Final Quality Report (When Applicable)


1  Early Testing Phase

Early testing efforts occur before development’s code complete milestone and can include ad hoc test-and-response efforts without written test cases or coverage maps, unit testing, early functional testing and component API testing. If specifications aren’t finalized, beginning testing without formalized test lists can still be beneficial for early visibility to issues.

2  Functional Testing

The functional testing phase includes regression testing and revisiting previously executed tests to verify that new functionality or bug fixes have not introduced issues to existing code. This is necessary as it is very common for bug fixes to uncover deeper bugs previously blocked by the original problem.

3  System/Stress Testing

As high-priority bugs are fixed and the bug rates decline during properly managed and on-track functional test phases, more stressful system test cycles can be implemented. These can include integration testing, interoperability testing, performance testing, and load and stress testing.

4  Acceptance Testing

After completing functional and system testing and required bug fixes, release candidate builds are subjected to acceptance testing. Final acceptance criteria are determined earlier in the product development and checkpoints must be passed before products are declared release-ready.