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Whether you have a website or a web app, Shasta QA has the software QA strategy and tools for rapid, hyper-agile environments to give you the competitive advantage you need to set yourself apart from your competition.

Users today expect as much functionality, flexibility, and reliability from web apps as they do with full desktop programs. There is a lot of pressure on developers to deliver high performing applications that users can count on, which is why thorough, agile web app QA is so important for your application before launch. Having a high quality, bug-free application that works efficiently from initial launch builds a foundation of trust between you and your customers that will keep them coming back. It will also ensure fewer customer support issues that will ultimately save you both manpower and money.

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Areas of Expertise


Our software QA team will work with you to determine a Platform Test Coverage Matrix that best fits the goal of your product and your target audience. Testing software behavior under different browser, operating system, and hardware configurations can help provide all users with a satisfactory experience.


When your software needs to reach beyond the local market into the global market, Shasta QA's localization testing ensures your product reaches your multicultural audience without loss of functionality, performance, or visual design continuity.


Shasta QA works closely with you throughout your SDLC to understand the scope of the application and its environment. We then develop customized performance testing strategies to evaluate the end-user experience under varying amounts of traffic and impact of different load and usage patterns on your system.



Negative testing will ensure that your application handles improper or unexpected user behavior correctly in multiple scenarios. Shasta QA’s team of outside the box thinkers push the limits of your software in ways you never thought about to find outlying issues before your users inevitably stumble upon them.


A positive user experience is crucial to ensuring visitors become repeat users. Shasta QA's experienced web app QA team will check the application against business logic scenarios and use cases simulating real-life user behavior, while analyzing workflow and visual design. Verifying the complete system as a whole verifies that your user's end-to-end experience is a smooth one.


The most ingenious software applications can fail if your initial release is not fully functioning and reliable from the start. Shasta QA works closely with you and your team to understand project goals, structure and deliverables throughout the entire SDLC, and then helps determine the best combination of manual and automated software QA strategies to ensure your software performs to your design specifications with bug-free functionality.


Our automated web app QA focuses on automating user flows to fully regress all functionality, utilizing diverse test data simulating real-world data. Each flow can be written once and then tested with a full range of data. Doing so allows the automation to fully test edge and corner cases in quickly repeatable actions for aid in debugging intertwined web-based systems.

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