Tech Startups

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Shasta QA is Your Competitive Advantage

Lean tech startups face a multitude of challenges as they chase their endgame (merger, IPO, buyout) and the dream goal of becoming a unicorn. They are looking for leaders and consultants who value open honest communication, creative problem solving, and can see what doing the right thing at the right time is. Our US based offices allow us to provide like-minded consultants who can adapt, communicate, and execute based on these values.

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How You Can Benefit

Real-Time Quality QA Infusion

Shasta QA can infuse personnel, tools, and proven methodologies to meet your impending release date or product launch while maintaining your software quality goals.

Investment Due Diligence

Whether you are a VC or a leader within the company, Shasta QA can provide independent reliable intelligence to make wise investment decisions within your company or startup.

Infuse experienced QA

Our team of enthusiastic leaders use proven methodologies and testing services to immediately improve quality, return software projects to schedule, and reinvigorate your team.

Over the last 5 years, Shasta QA has worked on many of our software and hardware testing projects that range from basic updates to new product releases. In each case, I have been pleased with both the quality of their work and excellent communication. The company offers top-notch test resources, customer service, and rates.
— Scott R - Quality Assurance Manager Image Analysis Software Firm

The Shasta QA Process 

Needs Analysis

Shasta QA meets with you to better understand your goals and challenges then develops a team alliance that transforms traditional outsourcing from compulsory need to a valuable competitive advantage.

Project Planning

Shasta QA works with you to develop a unique road-map that includes planning and scheduling efforts, and a well-developed strategy to ensure adequate test coverage to drive your project to completion.

Project Execution

Shasta QA conducts proper reporting practices that monitor and track the progress of your project so you can make real-time decisions regarding the application development.

Project Mastery

Shasta QA uses a success formula that includes risk reduction methodologies, process adoption and bug modeling to improve and master overall project processes to strengthen your bottom line.