OurSourcing® is Outsourcing Transformed

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Your success is made possible by a talented team of problem solvers, innovators and implementers who understand the value of shared missions, visions and values. Shared Vision and Goals Your goal is to release a high-quality software product. We share that goal. OurSourcing® is a collective commitment to success that transcends simple “bug hunting” and makes significant contributions toward achieving your objectives.

As your OurSourcing® partner, Shasta QA works tirelessly to help you get to market faster and enhance client satisfaction while staying within your timeline and budget.

Our Commitments To You

Open, Honest Communication

There is value in knowing the true status of your project. As an extension of your team, an OurSourcing® partner will provide you with consistent and accurate information throughout your project. From our first conversation to “code complete” we combine open communication with proven methodologies to deliver proven results.

Drive Your Project to Completion

Shasta QA is true to you and true to our team. Just as you believe in developing high-quality products, we believe in developing high-quality people who take ownership in your project. We foster a culture of collaborative innovation, which drives your project to completion more rapidly. OurSourcing® is an investment in people and relationships. Accelerated time to market, quality software and an enhanced user experience are the natural products of this investment.

Gain a Valuable Competitive Advantage

With OurSourcing®, the barriers between internal and external resources are removed allowing software developers and QA engineers to work in unison to achieve a common goal. The constructive relationships developed between team members make it possible to anticipate problems and respond to them quickly. This alliance pays off in productivity, which transforms traditional outsourcing from compulsory need to a valuable competitive advantage.

Over the last 5 years, Shasta QA has worked on many of our software and hardware testing projects that range from basic updates to new product releases. In each case, I have been pleased with both the quality of their work and excellent communication. The company offers top-notch test resources, customer service, and rates.
— Scott R - Quality Assurance Manager Image Analysis Software Firm

You will see the Shasta QA difference.

Shared Vision and Goals

As your OurSourcing® partner, Shasta QA makes valuable contributions to your success. We combine our years of industry QA experience, shared business norms and shared time zone to optimize your software QA and development process and enhance client satisfaction.

Shasta QA's locations in Northern California, Iowa, and Louisiana are strategically located to be close to Silicon Valley, the Silicon Prairie, and the East Coast, which enables easy access to clients’ development campuses for our software QA engineers. We stand ready to work with your team regardless of location.

The competitive advantage you've been searching for begins with our dedicated team of collaborative software QA professionals working toward a common goal: Your success.

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