Internet of Things Testing

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IoT Testing Requires a Different Mindset

With emergent technologies like Internet of Things quickly growing in popularity, demand for experienced QA in this field continues to increase. IoT presents a more complicated set of challenges compared to simple Web or Mobile testing.

 When it comes to IoT, customers care about one thing -- convenience. IoT devices must be easy to use and reliable in a variety of potential environments. Whether your device is plug-and-play or is used in conjunction with a mobile device, it needs to work correctly from Step 1 or customers can quickly lose faith in the product. Because much of what makes IoT function happens in the background, it is important that those processes work with all kinds of devices, no matter how the customer interfaces with it. Shasta QA is committed to the success of their clients, and uses a variety of tools in IoT testing.

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What We Test


End users have access to a multitude of mobile devices with different operating systems and configurations. So many choices for customers means that testing must be approached from several angles to ensure that your product is usable with any necessary device. Shasta QA will work with you to develop a test plan that covers any combination of devices and operating systems.


Users with different combinations of mobile devices, firmware and cloud computing setups present several variables that can affect performance in different and unexpected ways. Introducing your product into these environments can have any number of unforeseen outcomes, especially as mobile providers increase the spread of fragmentation with constant updates. Testing against devices with a variety of different settings ensures that customers will receive a functional product regardless of their personal setup.


The success of IoT revolves around connectivity. Your product needs to communicate effectively with mobile devices, as well as Cloud services. Minimizing delays between communication, as well as ensuring that security software does not interfere with your product is just as important. Shasta QA’s IoT test strategies include rigorous testing that ensures that the background processes of interconnected devices run efficiently and do not negatively impact the customer’s front-end experience.

User Experience Testing

IoT testing does not end simply at functionality. Regardless of how well your product works, if a customer has trouble interfacing with it, they can be quick to abandon it. That is why we focus on more than just making sure your device works. Shasta QA’s OurSourcing approach to testing means that ease of use and customer comprehension receive just as much focus as performance. This ensures that customers will have the most painless experience possible when they install your product.

Clean Air WiFi

Shasta QA’s rural offices operate in areas with minimal noise from WiFi signals and other devices. This ensures that testing can be performed on multiple IoT devices without worry of interference that could occur in testing firms in more metropolitan areas. As such, you can also expect test results that better emulate the environments where customers will use your product.

US-based Offices

Designing and manufacturing physical IoT devices is expensive enough without the added cost of then shipping them to overseas QA testing firms. With Shasta QA offices in multiple locations across the United States, there is no need to worry about costly international shipping. Having your QA needs taken care of at home also means protecting your intellectual property from international interests until you’re ready. Plus, working in similar time zones also guarantees that staff will be available during your own office hours.

I honestly didn’t think outsourcing would work, but Shasta QA put the right people in place to do the job. I value the proactive nature of their team, and really like telling the team something ONCE and knowing the task(s) are being completed.
— Leonid G, Project Manager, Global Leader of Medical Technology