About Shasta QA

Just as you believe in developing high-quality software products, we believe in developing high-quality people who take ownership in your project. We foster a culture of collaborative innovation, which drives your project to completion more rapidly.

Shasta QA is an American outsourced software-testing company with offices located in Northern California and the Midwest. We provide a competitive middle-ground solution for US-based outsourced QA services that includes a full spectrum of black-box and white-box strategies for software, website, and mobile device testing, project management, IV&V, usability testing, and technical documentation.

Founded in 2002, Shasta QA has provided seasoned QA leadership, proven methodologies, and outsourced software quality testing to a wide variety of industries. We combine our years of industry QA experience, shared business norms and shared time zone to optimize your software quality testing development process and enhance client satisfaction.

Shasta QA's locations in Northern California, Iowa, and Louisiana are strategically located to be close to Silicon Valley, the Silicon Prairie, and the East Coast, which enables easy access to clients’ development campuses for our software QA engineers. We stand ready to work with your team regardless of location.

The competitive advantage you've been searching for begins with our dedicated team of collaborative software QA professionals working toward a common goal: Your success.

Our History

Founded in 2002

Founded by Don O’Connell in Redding, CA


Reached first $1 Million in sales


Shasta QA opens 2nd office in Chico, CA
Becomes GSA certified
Trademarks core ideal OurSourcing® to keep American jobs in America.


Adds Techdoc writing to services provided


Reaches $5 Million in sales


Reaches $10 Million in sales
Shasta QA opens office in Coralville, IA


Expands Chico campus to new location


Reaches $20 Million in sales
Shasta QA opens office in Shreveport, LA


Expands Redding campus to new location


Adds IoT testing as services provided


Reaches 3.5 years average staff employment time.
Expands Louisiana and Iowa campuses.
Reaches $30 Million in sales


Ready to help you achieving whatever objectives you have in front of you. Our goal is to help make you look good by helping you release the highest quality product on schedule and on budget.