Implementing a CI/CD Process


A software company wants to find a process allowing for quicker turnaround times to get features in front of customers without sacrificing quality.

To meet this goal, the project team needs to get buy-in from key project stakeholders and develop a deployment pipeline that increases confidence in the potential release through every step.



Our Engineers can own development and maintenance of automation strategies, or train the software company's existing team, while balancing critical exploratory manual testing activities.

Test automation is key to a successful deployment pipeline. Shasta QA’s automation Engineers can work with your developers and existing QA teams to build a successful strategy that balances test automation development and exploratory testing to ensure confidence product quality is improved through every step in the pipeline.



The automation strategy test coverage has increased confidence in the application through early stages of the deployment pipeline, allowing QA to focus on other critical manual testing activities before release of the product to customers.

The new CI/CD process enables the software company to decrease turnaround time between feature requests and availability to customers while maintaining quality of the product.

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