Desktop Application Testing

Quality is Key

Shasta QA will ensure your desktop application is of the highest quality by applying our full-cycle testing service to make sure your software runs optimally, is user-friendly, and most importantly, is bug-free.

Whether your desktop application is enterprise or consumer-facing, built for Windows or Unix-based, Shasta QA has the methodologies and the tools to supplement your existing QA or provide your organization with the complete confidence in knowing Shasta QA has all your bases covered from the ground up. Our comprehensive approach will ensure that your product has received the care your customers deserve, with services ranging from functional testing to interoperability and compatibility testing.

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What Is Tested?


Performing black- or white-box testing against specified application functionality ensures that your software performs to your design specifications.


Verifying the complete system as a whole ensures that your user's end-to-end experience is a smooth one.


The Application Programming Interface (API) is the bridge between your developers and the functionality they want to use. API testing double-checks your programming work.


Testing software behavior under different browsers, operating systems, and hardware configurations can help provide all users with a satisfactory experience.


Pushing applications and systems to their functional limits can provide benchmarks for future scalability.


Determining speed of response, time to process, and data throughput.


Testing software modules in combination can identify conflicts between components.


Making sure that your software works well with other applications on the system.

Over the last 5 years, Shasta QA has worked on many of our software and hardware testing projects that range from basic updates to new product releases. In each case, I have been pleased with both the quality of their work and excellent communication. The company offers top-notch test resources, customer service, and rates.
— Scott R - Quality Assurance Manager Image Analysis Software Firm