Shasta QA in 15th year of Growing Rural Tech Jobs

OurSourcing® Software QA Philosophy Drives U.S.-based Outsourcing

REDDING, Calif., March 11, 2017 – Last quarter, Shasta QA entered its 15th year of providing preeminent outsource software quality assurance services from rural American locations for small and large tech companies from Silicon Valley to New York City.

Since 2002, Shasta QA -- with offices 200 miles north of Silicon Valley -- has provided services to 115 tech clients across a range of products, quality assurance services, and relationship models, proving that metro-area tech companies have U.S. options for software quality assurance. Shasta QA’s all American staff has logged 550 company man-years -- about half since 2013.

“Our success is a direct result of our core values,” said Shasta QA Founder Donald O’Connell. “Our clients know they’ll get the hard, honest truths about their software products, their processes, and the risks we see. They know we have a high bar of expectations and accountability for our staff.”

Shasta QA’s OurSourcing® philosophy has led to strategic office expansion and tech job creation in Northern California, the Midwest, and South, where American talent is providing competitive Silicon Valley software quality assurance services and results without Silicon Valley costs.

How Shasta QA Does it: OurSourcing®

Shasta QA’s competitive advantages grow from its OurSourcing® philosophy, which attracts and retains local university-educated, talented, driven, and humble tech workers outside of costlier U.S. metropolitan tech centers.

Staff are a mix of experienced contributors, who have chosen small-town America’s quality of life and lower cost of living, and young career-minded rural employees developed and trained on Shasta QA methodologies. Shasta QA has embraced a “grow your own” culture similar to vocational or trade schools.

“We leverage outside training material for staff and management, while we continue to develop our proprietary, in-house management and staff guidelines,” O’Connell said. “With high expectations and accountability, we have embraced finding and developing our own competitive staff unique to our industry.”

Shasta QA processes include:

  • Unique management training.

  • Quarterly Director post-mortems.

  • Culture definitions and expectations.

  • Test strategy defense processes.

  • Peer reviews and project cross-training.

  • Focus on business model education.

Shasta QA tech workers overlap client time zones, business norms, culture, and expectations.  With training and peer review, testing, analysis skills, process adoption strategies, internal operations, and developing unique partner QA systems, the company is well established, still startup hungry, and positioned for growth.

Shasta QA’s commitment to hard, honest truths reinforces an environment for aggressively attacking and solving problems with independent, rapid progress.

“Feeding tech managers real commitments, real status, and true data, allows managers to truly manage versus just reporting results. It allows quick-moving and decision-based management to succeed,” O’Connell said. “We don’t sugar-coat business and product truths, while leveraging our shared business norms and cultures that allow key communication in business decisions.”

As a result, Shasta QA delivers targeted QA expertise with manual, automated, and appropriate SDLC strategies, for strong results without Silicon Valley costs or overseas provider complications.

“That is why I like dealing with Shasta QA; (they) shoot us straight. Overseas companies promise everything that is asked for, but then can’t deliver and that has never been the case with Shasta QA,” said a Silicon Valley client’s QA Manager. “Shasta’s rates are comparable to overseas options ... The cost-to-value ratio is outstanding.”

Shasta QA Gets Silicon Valley Results

Shasta QA’s talented onshore teams have dug up tens of thousands of bugs and product enhancements, created or improved QA processes and practices in development environments, and helped drive product maturation for end-user and investor benefit, with heavy or light methodologies based on client needs.

Shasta QA’s tried-and-true methodologies add value instead of bloated processes, pushing a range of companies to market faster, with cleaner, improved products. Small, innovating startups with shoestring budgets have had comprehensive QA regimes built from the floor up, gaining competitive advantages, consumer confidence, risk reduction, and heavy marketplace footprints.

Multi-billion-dollar companies have utilized Shasta QA services to help enhance their products and reputations, while others benefited during rapid-growth phases or expansion pushes. Client relationships typically last three to five years, while some current relationships have reached 10 years.

Shasta QA has provided services for a range of products, from cloud software and infrastructure, direct content editing and scrubbing, and preparing clients for U.S. Food and Drug Administration-regulated software approval, to testing personal finance management software, B-to-B software, medical devices, and a wide array of everyday consumer web and mobile apps.

Shasta QA’s efforts have helped clients receive numerous honors, including recognition from TechCrunch, CNN/Money, Wired, Forbes, and the Webby Awards.

Shasta QA is committed to creating and keeping tech jobs in Rural America.

“Our success, track record of performance, and proven methodologies are now seasoned,” O’Connell said. “Rural American tech workers have clearly displayed the skills, talent, humbleness, and competitive fire to compete in a global economy.”



Redding, Calif.-headquartered Shasta QA was founded in 2002 by Silicon Valley veteran Donald O’Connell, with a commitment to an OurSourcing® philosophy to create American tech jobs with onshore talent.

Shasta QA has provided sophisticated outsource quality assurance business partnership services to short- and long-term clients across the U.S, from facilities in Northern California, the Midwest, and South.



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