Shasta QA Expands to the "Silicon Prairie"

Silicon Valley experience meets Midwest talent. Shasta QA offers “Oursourcing” as the competitive advantage to avoid the need to outsource work outside of the U.S. The Midwest provides the perfect mix of talent, job creation and innovation for a successful environment.

Shasta QA, a software testing company based in California, has expanded eastward to open its third location. After over 10 years of successful enterprise in both Redding and Chico, Shasta QA is expanding to Iowa City to further the growth of technical jobs in the U.S. while contributing to the technological advancements occurring throughout the Midwest. The company provides software, website and smartphone testing for clients in a variety of industries, including education, medical, financial, government, and supply chain management. Additionally, Shasta QA also assists clients with technical documentation, as well as independent verification and validation.

Shasta QA is committed to creating local technology positions that are consistent with current industry trends in software development. Mark Nolte, President of the Iowa City Area Development Group said, “They’re bringing the software testing, development knowledge and know-how of the Silicon Valley to Iowa’s Creative Corridor and we couldn’t be more excited.” The years of experience and strong client relationships Shasta QA will bring to the Silicon Prairie will only enhance the technological sphere the Midwest has created for itself.

Why the Midwest?
In looking at various locations and demographics across the U.S., Shasta QA found that Iowa’s commitment to job creation such as the Iowa New Jobs Training Program, mixed with a strong desire for education were the perfect mix for a successful environment. Iowa’s New Jobs Training Program encourages new businesses to relocate. Jeff Lord, Director of Quality Assurance, says, “The business centric environment, entrepreneurial spirit and the talent here is unbelievable."

Shasta QA’s portfolio includes a wide range of companies from new startups to established corporations, offering clients the flexibility to provide an entire QA team or supplement current QA strategies. Lord says, “We really offer an excellent opportunity for startup companies to focus on developing their product ideas while we execute testing strategies and programs based on a solid foundation of industry methodology. We staff, train and test so they don’t have to.”

Shasta QA offers “Oursourcing” as the competitive advantage to avoid the need to outsource work outside of the U.S. Eric Stevenson, Business Development Director for Shasta QA notes, "Our goal is to provide a competitive middle-ground solution for US-based outsourced QA. We are regionally local and have the ability to work with our clients in person while also sharing common business standards which simply cannot be done with an overseas provider. There is an inherent opportunity for brilliance when you can brainstorm ideas and strategies working together like that.” Shasta QA offers a strategic advantage for clients with the ability to collaborate on short notice. Lord says, “Our goal is to be as local as the companies we work with while keeping jobs here in the U.S.”

Shasta QA, headquartered in Redding, CA, offers services that range from independent verification, usability testing, technical documentation, and validation services for websites, software, and smartphones. The company has worked with numerous clients in a variety of industries; medical, financial, government and supply chain management.

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