Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are there any significant differences between "software testing" and "software quality assurance"?

Yes, there are significant differences between testing and quality assurance. Software testing finds faults in the software product by inspecting and testing it. Software quality assurance prevents faults in the software product by inspecting and testing the software development process.

Quality assurance (QA) assists with software development throughout the entire process, from the requirements phase to post-release. This ensures potential problems are identified early in the process, which improves the quality of the final product and allows developers to focus more on improving the functionality and polish of the software, and less on fixing faults in the software. The software is then tested as part of the QA process near the end of the development process, to find any faults in the software which will then be prioritized and eventually fixed (and re-tested to verify the fixes).

Software testing, on the other hand, only assists software development near the end of the development process. Testing by itself is not as efficient as QA in ensuring a quality final product. Without QA, more preventable issues will make it to the software testing stage, which means developers will have to focus more on fixing software faults than on improving functionality and polish. This also results in more time required to be spent testing than anticipated, which pushes out the anticipated release date and/or ensures the software will be released with known or, worse, unknown faults. The software will also be tested to ensure it conforms to the requirements, but if any requirements are faulty, then the software could pass the relevant tests; resulting in undesired software behavior, and it is often too late to modify the requirements at this stage if it becomes obvious that the requirements are faulty.

+ Can Shasta QA’s methodologies be utilized within an organization that uses Agile/Scrum development methodologies?

Shasta QA’s proven Quality Assurance methodologies have been successfully utilized within organizations using Agile/Scrum, Waterfall and other development methodologies.

+ Does Shasta QA offer automation testing?

Yes, Shasta QA offers automation testing as part of its comprehensive suite of testing services. See Automated Testing for more details.

+ Does Shasta QA use the services of any nearshore or offshore companies?

Shasta QA is committed to economic development in rural America and never subcontracts work to nearshore or offshore entities.

+ What services does Shasta QA offer?

  • Software Automation Testing
  • Test Management
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  • Technical Documentation

    See Our Services for more details.

+ Why should I use Shasta QA instead of going offshore?

Shasta QA eliminates the hidden costs of offshore outsourcing, and gives you the competitive advantage that will set you apart:

  • Our methodologies, experience, and culture make us 'cube wall worthy'. We have the ability to interact with your team in a productive manner without the need of a gate-keeper or facilitator to protect your resources from unnecessary distractions. We help your resources hit on all cylinders. That is our secret sauce, that is OurSourcing®!
  • Your team is our team. We are personally invested in your goals and strive to achieve them with the same passion that got you where you are today
  • Our locality is your advantage: We share your business day/time zone, eliminating as much as 12 hours of delay in even basic communication
  • Our locality is your advantage: We can visit on-site for project kick-offs or important project meetings rather than offering a long distance relationship
  • Our locality is your advantage: We protect your intellectual property and/or hardware by performing all work here instead of exposing it to risk by subcontracting work to near-shore or offshore entities
  • When the culture, methodologies, and experience are lacking, it slows down everything. Your business model is at risk due to getting less from all your invested resources (less shipping, fewer features, longer delivery times, less team gelling)
  • OurSourcing® has the potential to pay for itself in retaining the full value of your in-house resources alone
  • Efficiency in our daily efforts and our true rule of business model assurance, is the fuel that drives us to be your risk and cost appropriate solution
  • If your QA team slips then your overall development team slips. Your business model slips. We are not only software model assurance, but also business model insurance
  • Our competitive middle ground solution (vs U.S. based metropolitan and overseas), avoids being penny wise and pound foolish. We are the winning cost-value proposition