“Your EXIT is our success”

We understand your goal is to “EXIT” with maximum return on your investment. We can help get you there and minimize your risk along the way. OurSourcing® with Shasta QA is outsourcing transformed, and your competitive advantage to accelerate time to market and mitigate risks at a reasonable cost.

Shared Goals
  • Shasta QA has helped many companies reach these goals, and we take pride in helping get our client’s get to their successful exit event
  • Shasta QA’s experienced team and proven methodologies help you build a successful portfolio history, and something to be proud of.
  • Our dedicated team of proactive, collaborative QA engineers transcend beyond simple "bug hunting" to make significant contributions toward your exit strategy goals.
Stay On Schedule
  • Time to Market: if your project slips beyond the target release date, it has a ripple effect that costs the entire company, including the investors.
  • Shasta QA goes beyond just software testing to ensure that your investment reaches a mature business and execution strategy as fast as possible.
  • Because Shasta QA shares our client’s business norms, culture, time zone, and understands their business model, the communication cycle is expedited and productivity is optimized.
Return on Investment
  • Our methodologies provide an enhanced level of accountability and predictability to the development effort, ensuring your revenue forecast is never jeopardized.
  • With Shasta QA as a part of your team, you have peace of mind that your investments are reaching their maximum potential.
  • OurSourcing® with Shasta QA is your solution to accelerate time to market, mitigate risk, and generate maximum ROI on your “EXIT”.


Shasta QA
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