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“Shasta QA Becomes an Extension of Your Team”

Just as you believe in investing in high quality companies, we believe in investing high quality people who take ownership in your projects. We foster a culture of collaborative innovation, which drives your investment’s project to completion more rapidly.

Solid Foundation
  • “Hot Start” your investment by infusing Shasta QA’s proven methodologies to ensure your investment goals are met.
  • Making Shasta QA part of your team results in immediate seasoned processes and industry maturity, reducing your spend towards industry education, and reducing the time to onboard new team members onto your project.
  • Shasta QA brings accountability, visibility, and measured progress to your team resulting in better software, enhanced customer satisfaction, accelerated time to market, and reduced costs.
Common Ground
  • Offshore outsourcing can’t match our U.S. based team’s shared time zones, common culture, and business norms.
  • Shasta QA’s onshore staff possess the knowledge, skills, and experience that enhance your team, and ensures your investment goals stay on track.
  • Shasta QA fosters a culture of collaborative innovation which removes barriers between internal external resources, allowing our QA engineers to work in unison with your team to achieve a common goal.


Our company has worked with Shasta QA for only a few months, but in that short time they have become an integral part of our software and content development and release process. They have quickly mastered our content production processes, and most importantly, their hands-on test engineers have shown excellent flexibility and communication skills. I am happy to recommend Shasta QA to others.

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