Independent Verification and Validation

IV&V for the Public Sector


The Challenge

A government entity is required by law to obtain independent verification and validation (IV&V) of software developed by a third party.

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This organization needs software IV&V to confirm that all required functionality has been built into the software and to gain visibility into the quality of the software delivered by the third party development company.


The Solution

Shasta QA applies its seasoned engineers, proven QA methodologies, outsourced testing services, and comprehensive reporting suite to validate that the software delivered conforms to the client’s requirements for functionality, usability, performance and quality prior to acceptance.

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The Keys to Success:

Testing Strategy and Action Plan

Shasta QA and the company develop the software testing strategy, action plan, progress metrics and resource requirements. Together, they define acceptance criteria, prioritize software components for testing and identify test blockers that could impede progress.

Testing Services & Certification

Shasta QA performs gap analysis to identify missing or improperly developed functionality and tests to verify that the software conforms to the client’s requirements for usability, performance and quality. All defects are reported to the client and the 3rd party development company for resolution. As bug fixes are released, Shasta QA performs additional IV&V cycles until the client’s acceptance criteria are met. Once all acceptance criteria are achieved, Shasta QA certifies that the software is independently verified and validated and is now ready for the client’s formal acceptance.


The Result

Shasta QA always combines open communication with proven methodologies to deliver proven results for each project.

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By utilizing Shasta QA to perform independent software verification and validation, the client:

  • Complies with applicable laws/regulations
  • Tests all software components to ensure no requirements were missed
  • Eliminates unexpected change orders and disputes over the project’s scope of work
  • Achieves customer satisfaction by minimizing the number of customer-reported defects
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