Investment Due Diligence

Investment Due Diligence


The Challenge

A venture capital firm needs reliable intelligence to make wise investment decisions and to safeguard investments through the due diligence process and beyond.

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This firm needs an unbiased assessment of competitiveness, functionality, usability, performance and overall quality of an investment prospect’s software prior to investing.

After investing, this firm needs independent verification and validation progress with development milestones and quality objectives tied to the investment.


The Solution

Shasta QA’s seasoned team of experts conducts side-by-side competitive analysis, independent validation of software functionality, usability and performance. In addition, Shasta QA performs an in-depth assessment of the investment prospect’s software development process and QA methodologies against best practices.

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The Keys to Success:

Due Diligence Strategy and Action Plan

Shasta QA first develops a testing strategy, action plan, progress metrics and resource requirements. Next, Shasta QA and the investment firm develop software performance and quality objectives to obtain an investment.

Software Analysis

Shasta QA reviews project documentation and requirements, and tests the software to independently verify and validate functionality, usability and performance against the agreed upon objectives. Gaps are identified as part of the due diligence report.

Process & Methodology Assessment

Shasta QA reviews and assesses the investment prospect’s software development process, project management and QA methodologies to identify gaps between best practices and existing methodologies. Shasta QA proposes modifications to streamline the prospect’s software quality assurance methodologies and align them with best practices. Additionally, Shasta QA proposes metrics to monitor the investment recipient’s progress.


The Result

Shasta QA always combines open communication with proven methodologies to deliver proven results for each project.

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A due diligence strategy and action plan for the investment firm:

  • Defines criteria for making an investment decision

By completing a comprehensive analysis of the investment prospect’s software, the investment firm:

  • Ensures core processes and methodologies impacting time to market and customer satisfaction are mature and reliable
  • Accelerates time to market by implementing best practices and streamlining the software development process
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