Shasta QA Enters its 10th Year in Business With Steady Tech Job Growth for the North State

Shasta QA, the leading provider of outsource software testing services in the California north state, announced today that the company has reached its nine year anniversary and is now entering its tenth year of operation.

This milestone represents steady growth as Shasta QA has provided software, e-commerce, and mobile device testing services to over 75 clients, representing over 100 project engagements and $7 million in services. Shasta QA continues to develop a strong client base as more companies seek American outsource software testing. "Whether it is a sense of wanting to see Americans back to work or having experienced the difficulties of outsourcing overseas, companies that search the internet and find us often communicate a sense of relief to find an American outsourcing option." says Shasta QA Director, Kimberly Steele.

In the past two years Shasta QA has seen a steady stream of business with staffing size increases from 20 to 47 with a strong likelihood of adding 5-10 more jobs between Redding and Chico offices this year. "We have found a talented pool of people in the North State between Chico State CS grads, those who relocated to the north state with technical job experiences, and those with enough technical background that we can transition them from other fields to ours. Backgrounds that include lab work, accounting, proof reading, real estate, audits, etc. may all have an eye & mind for detail, analytical thinking, and the critical communication skills that we can leverage for software testing and client communications." Kimberly adds.

Shasta QA provides structured services based on the company's core competency of software testing methodologies. Along with functional black-box software testing, Shasta QA provides white-box API, functional automation, automated load and stress testing, and usability testing.

"We are pleased to enter our tenth year of service with a stable client base and a strong staff to support it." said Shasta QA Director, Jeff Lord. "Our proven business model demonstrates a need in the software industry for a low-risk, high-value outsource testing solution. We are the middle ground between risky overseas solutions and the high costs of services provided in U.S. metropolitan areas."

About Shasta QA: By providing high-value outsource software testing services from rural northern California, Shasta QA takes advantage of the lower cost of living and proximity to Silicon Valley to offer affordable experienced software testing services. Headquartered in Redding, CA with an office in Chico, CA, Shasta QA is a privately-held company.

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